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tv   Headline News  RT  July 25, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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protesters in israel. between palestinians. overnight protests in the west bank. even for. a ukrainian journalist who was abducted with a missing british. parliament . and the prime minister's refusing to use the government's. war in the country's east.
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you're watching international. muslims throughout the world are marking international crudes day it's traditionally used to express solidarity with the palestinian people and this year most of the banners in the streets i denounce an israeli aggression in gaza protesters in iran were chanting anti israel slogans and burning the country's flag in the capital tehran the rally was attended by the iranian president similar scenes we're seeing today across india where thousands of muslims march in support of palestine and help arabs have also been protesting in israel in jerusalem and in clashes with police several dozen people were arrested after throwing rocks at the israeli offices they responded with tear gas and water
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cannons. and in a separate action ten thousand palestinian protesters took to the streets of ramallah in the west bank to voice their anger at the violence in gaza that ended in clashes with israeli soldiers which left four protesters dead and dozens wounded in gaza for us closely following the situation. this is the largest rally we've seen in the west bank of course gasser in the west bank geographically separated but it appears that the purpose of these demonstrations is to send a very clear message that even palestinians in the west bank largely affected the societal level by the ongoing violence here which has been of course extremely bloody last night at least two palestinians were killed and up to two hundred injured as these clashes we sold molotov cocktails and fireworks being fired at israeli border police as well as the israeli troops they responded with of course stun and tear gas so this is surely an important benchmark of
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how bad things are getting in in the west bank we're seeing such a such an escalation of clashing literally where we are approximately five minutes ago there was an air strike about six hundred meters directly behind where i am now within about five seconds of that strike being visibly heard a piece of shrapnel that i'm holding my hand right here it's burning right now landed literally four meters away from me just in front of this international hotel here one of the most expensive international hotels an area which is meant to be extremely safe in the gazan concepts so you can see here that of course things are not like me not by any means there is some unconfirmed news that hamas may accept united states secretary of state john kerry's proposal for a cease fire that's not yet confirmed and obviously the ongoing strikes continue here in gaza well yesterday we saw a very significant incident where united nations run school was being used as a shelter and this was struck allegedly by israeli tank fire in one way or another
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we understand that at least fifteen were killed including two children and united nations stuff the united nations said that it's given israel historically the g.p.s. g.p.s. coordinates all of its infrastructure in gaza deliberately to try and prevent this kind of civilian object being hit but this didn't happen and yesterday this. school building was struck it was home temporarily to these hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons as almost fifty percent of the territory of gaza has been labeled by the israeli military effective you know goes or if you go here you are likely to be killed so the situation continues to be dangerous even in the safest areas of gaza as the body count continues to rise now over eight hundred palestinians killed meanwhile hamas continues to firing rockets into israel with many reaching as far as tell a vague awareness israel's iron dome interception system in action. there last found their share intelligence so we're going to join the council see everybody
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starts rushing to go towards the bomb shelter so the way to the bomb shelter is this way you can see that the start that people i mean they have come out of the building no one ever should they are people that there are walking to go towards a bomb shelter. you had that bang that was the and interfacing the missile you can actually see the white smoke over there. where it left a trail as it made that interception and some white smoke over there let's just go to the it's a safe thing to do is to get up a consequence of the side of the pavement and wait there a way connect the iron dome anti-missile system intercepts around ninety percent of records. but the fear is for the ten percent that it doesn't intercept this shows you. that even as the israeli ground offensive advances here in the same two of israel in tel aviv the rockets keep flying. want to see on television. where the number of palestinians killed now has surpassed eight hundred while israel today lost one more of its soldiers bringing the army death toll to thirty
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three and next i.d.f. commander told us he doubts bloodshed is the only way to make progress. i did three three years of service in two of them in the west bank during the second intifada and of things i've done and things i've seen in the way we treated palestinian civilians on the occupation was something that brought me to question the morality and whether we are actually standing up to our principles and what we think or what we want to be in all our relationship for things are not clear because if you look at the last few years everything every two three years there is an operation there's just a serious of operations in gaza and everyone just looked at the other in and in breaking of science the one thing we're trying to ask is ok so where is this one taking us now is it again to the next operation two years down the road shouldn't we after all these operations or didn't work should we try to ask ourself you know maybe we should try to change our ways and how we deal with gaza or calls for an
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end to the violence have been just as loud online and in a literally heartfelt way now this photo is hash tag is trending right now jews and arabs refuse to be enemies it was launched by a u.s. couple with a mixed arab jewish background web users quickly picked up on it responding with dozens more pictures and stories of love and friendship between arabs and jews for example this woman has a jewish mother and a palestinian father she tweeted whatever we suffer hate makes it worse. the whereabouts of a british journalist who disappeared in east ukraine three days ago still remain unknown but a fellow reporter who was with graham phillips when the pair were abducted was released has told r.t. they've been beaten i mean it sums up what details we know. the information about the beatings is coming from another journalist who was detained where the ground philips cameramen working for the news agency we spoke to him as he was on his way to the hospital he was released by ukrainian military on thursday and this is how
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he described what has happened to them. we were going. to film a group of men i followed and that's when we were ambushed they put bags over our heads. military judging by their insignia we were put in a car and driven firstly put in a kind of show together but we were later separated they started torturing us. graham screaming and i was screaming to horrible told graham they were taking him to western ukraine and. then they left me outside. has mentioned they're both him and ground philips along with two other journalists were actually near dinner airport extremely dangerous area scene of some of them of severe fighting over recent weeks overall of course the situation in the entire regions remains highly volatile as described by graham's friend ryan mcdonald the other side ukrainian
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civil war taken a captive today what are they doing. what talk to them. now this is not the first time graham has been detained by authorities his first run in with his officials was in may of this year when he was a danger there check point by national guard and then transferred over to the security services overall of course ukraine remains one of the most in fact is the e-mails to dangerous place for journalists specified by the international news safety institute seven journalists have been killed there just in the first half of this year a lot more primarily russians have been either detained or apprehended with no pre to. since they have not been let into the country and of course there's been a lot of international outcry on the subject matter and judging by the fact that graham phillips along with several other journalists is still missing and his fate is largely unknown obviously the situation with journalists in ukraine remains wise
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to be desired while they save graham phillips hash tag is gaining momentum on twitter social network users urging for the release of the journalist and the protection of others working in ukraine what just when he crane needs some solid leadership those in power have put the country into political paralysis the ruling coalition has collapsed parliament could be dissolved and the prime minister says he's quit while the deputies still haven't had his resignation letter for them to vote on while lawmakers now face a choice either forge a new majority group or get ready for early elections and judging by the state of the ukrainian economy this is no time to procrastinate he have is fast running out of money did the ring about much needed reforms and focusing its energies on the military operation in the east plus ukraine says the loans promised by the european union will not be enough while europe itself is hesitating over the funds already set aside to political science professor nikolai petro told us the crisis is here
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to stay the one playing i think the political parties want to avoid but there are currently there is being blamed for the price hikes the significant price hikes for utilities. are under water that are going to coming in the pipeline first of all there will be political crisis which just you know now while there is a political necessity as europe's as the e.u. sees it to support and just burst money into ukraine it will actually not do that indefinitely and the problem is ukraine is running out of money even for an army the money to pay the soldiers will run out next week. well for more on this let's talk to socialist campaigner alex gordon he's also former presidents of britain's biggest transport workers union thank you very much for joining us mr gordon let's talk about the communist party in the fact that they've been dissolved in kiev now
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kiev says it's fighting for democracy what are your concerns about the way that the communist party there has been treated. grafted in poll well to put it very bluntly my union has a long history of standing up against fascism in the one nine hundred thirty s. railway workers and seafarers from britain volunteered to fight to defend the spanish republic against a fascist coup and many of them laid down their lives and it gives us great disquiet and great concern when we see the events today in ukraine in the nine hundred thirty s. the cold from the british trade unions was for aid for spain and we're making a call today for aid to donetsk aid to learn skills and for democrats and peace lovers and trade unionists everywhere to stand up and defend the
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population of south east ukraine who are suffering terribly from being bombarded by artillery and we're also seeing of course now with the banning of the communist party of the ukraine the inevitable result of the rise to power of open fascist parties in kiev well let's talk about the banning of the communist that ukraine's parliament speaker says that hopefully the communists are out for ever those are his words what about the voters whose interests they've been representing what is next for them. well they're effectively being told that their votes don't count are not ukrainian but two and a half million ukrainian voters cast their vote for the communist party of the ukraine in two thousand and twelve in the last elections and that some twelve to thirteen percent of the total vote was counted in the ukraine so it's very very concerning to see
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a party that represents an eighth of the electorate being effectively ruled out of parliament and told that they can no longer organize publicly and it's worth saying as well poll that we're just seeing the legal side of the banning of the communist party in the words that you quoted there from the speaker of the kiev parliament we're also seeing on the ground the torture and murder of communist officials. yet to slough mikhalevich. called should. in the village of blinky three nights ago abducted and murdered the secretary of his local communist party and we will see many many more democrats and communists and socialists picked up and murdered and tortured unless people who defend freedom all over the world stand up and say this is wrong and that the kiev regime has put
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itself outside of what is acceptable let's move back to events in kiev and in the parliamentary reports are that the parliament could be reelected soon there were twenty three deputies for the communist party who could who could replace that communist representation. i'm no expert on the latest developments in ukrainian party politics but it seems fairly clear from what the maneuvers are that the far right parties and the particularly the fascist party runs for border are mobilizing in order to move into the vacuum that they think will be created by the expulsion of the communists from power from the parliament and that can only be a very very dangerous thing for the future of the people of ukraine and people
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throughout the region of southeast southeastern europe alex gordon thank you very much for your thoughts. now a group of russian investigators have come under shelling on the russia ukraine border moscow's investigative committee says the shells were fired deliberately from ukrainian territory a total of forty seven in all the group where in uniforms it could have been mistaken that's according to moscow some of the rockets also fell on the territory of a russian checkpoint and hit a residential area a teenage girl has reportedly been injured in the incident while in the don yes region alone over four hundred civilians have died since kiev began its crackdown on anti-government forces in march that figure is from local authorities towns and villages across the east a failing to falling sorry to a military that's using all available means to take control of the restive provinces or muncaster have reports now on the consequences for civilians.
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eastern ukraine homes ablaze cars riddled with bullets this is what locals here have been waking up to day after day for the past several weeks and the human cost of the sustained government assault has been steadily rising by jr their children have been genuine and waiting to follow. them you know maybe ten years go by them i don't you know you have right here with many hundreds killed since the ukrainian army's operation began half a million have already packed up their belongings and fled across the border to russia but for those who stayed on constant reminders that nobody is safe. we've been hiding here for two months already sharing can start any time so monday i went outside for some water and it was a miracle that we survived we had to hide from shells and splinters behind in. every single moment we're afraid to die i don't netsky is one of ukraine's largest
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cities home to a million people many caught in the crossfire between and fighters who have made the city their stronghold and government forces the ukrainian authorities pledged to continue their onslaught to root out what it calls terrorists but that means locals here have a long soft fights of their own ahead of them don't know it's the largest city in the sand ukraine was once full of life and accommodated the locals and for interest only a couple of years ago with balkans thousands of football fans to the european football championships now however it's slow it's turning into a ghost town as local businesses close their doors and residents to leave the area from constant shelling that hasn't stopped in over a month from our culture of artsy donetsk ukraine now stay with us to find out how the u.s. is pushing europe to expand its sanctions against russia that's coming up. following
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the united states only the e.u. has expanded its sanctions list against russia over the crisis in ukraine adding fifteen people and eighteen companies the measures include visa bans and freezing assets now pay to all of us joins me live to up bring us the very latest. twenty eight member nations finally agree on sanctions. yes what we've seen is a medic's tension to the list of names that sanctions have been imposed on these sanctions will take before more of a visa bans asset freezes in some cases but they're individually targeted sanctions the the current lot that has been agreed on targets in
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a fifteen individuals and eighteen companies and these aren't though the wide ranging sanctions that some in europe had been calling for in the united states had hoped that europe would push forward with particular in europe david cameron the british prime minister had been pushing for further sanctions also here in the netherlands there had been calls for for further sanctions as well we haven't seen that yet this is just something that shows the the over symbiotic relationship between the the russian economy and the economies of those nations in europe with they try to impose any real far reaching economic sanctions against russia european nations economies are going to suffer at the hands of their own sanctions so with that that's what we've seen so far we're expecting further talks on sanctions next week though but for now just more individual sanctions and an expanding of the list . thank you very much. frank shall from the association of european businesses in the russian federation explains why the e.u.
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can't afford tougher restrictions. the decision making with regards to restrictive measures from the start of the european union seems to be much more cautious than the american one if you compare statistics russia has about fifty percent of its foreign trade with the european union while it's less than five percent for the u.s. and if you talk about foreign direct investments more than fifty percent of foreign direct investments come from european sources and less than ten percent from the u.s. so there is certainly also not the quantity of but also a qualitative difference between two. to more planes carrying victims from the flight m.h. seventeen have landed at eindhoven military airport in the netherlands the last bodies we sent from ukraine on saturday now these are live pictures from i and when the bodies are now being transported to a military base for examination and identification it's thought that not all the remains have been found yet and a special international team is being prepared to secure the crash site meanwhile
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experts working with the flight recorders say the data they contain has not been tampered with. meanwhile several theories about what could have brought down the malaysian plane have emerged since the disaster now a source in the ukraine military says anti air defense drills taking place at the time of the crash may be to blame but kiev denies any such sizes ever happened. the french government is being accused of jeopardizing democracy with its latest anti terrorism bill campaigners say the legislation could easily be exploited to invade people's privacy the law would allow the government to monitor anyone's online activity including emails browsing history and online chats blocking websites something widely seen as a form of censorship would also be much easier for the authorities and they would also be able to ban citizens from leaving the country if they decide their purpose of travel is terrorism or germany zimmerman an internet freedoms activist thinks
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the bill is outrageous. this slow speaks of terrorists to be and is about combating the intent of people who may become terrorists even before they start doing anything so in practice it would be to the police and to the government to the executive to decide whenever someone is a potential terrorist who may do something and then would be a load to infiltrate his computer to try to decrypt encrypted data to block him from leaving friends where is the limit between being a terrorist and being a suspected terrorists when it is the police or the government that decides if it's not the judicial judge that exist decision then we're breaking the fundamental values of democracy or civil rights campaigners are calling for greater
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transparency over the death penalty process after another execution in the u.s. went terribly wrong it took murderer joseph were two hours to die after he was given a lethal injection is supposed to take no longer than ten minutes the details come from report nine. lawyers for arizona inmate joseph would say that after their client was lethally injected he proceeded to gasp for more than an hour a journalist from the arizona republic reports that would was go ping like a fish on land and the sounds that he was making between snoring in and sucking in air was similar to like the sound as a swimming pool filter makes what it starts to take in air another journalist from the a.p. said that wood's jaw dropped and he was gasping repeatedly every twelve seconds and this continued hundreds of times now nearly two hours into the process the fifty five year old finally died which lawyer had sought to delay the execution over concerns about the source of the lethal injection drugs and the qualifications of the executioners. we went to the department of corrections and asked it
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to give us information about the source of the drugs the qualifications of the persons who would be conducting the execution as well as how we came up with the formula that it decided to use and it refused to provide us that information the shortage of lethal drugs has led many states in the u.s. to see controversial alternatives including drugs from undisclosed pharmacies now america's capital punishment system has come under heightened scrutiny after we've seen a recent executions similar to the one i'm speaking about now for example an oklahoma inmate died of a heart attack more than thirty minutes following his botched execution earlier this year and at the start of the year in january and in may in ohio suffered for more than twenty six minutes before dying now arizona state officials say wood was
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in comatose and didn't suffer they claim he was sleeping and snoring not gasping the governor of arizona has ordered an investigation into the procedure but expressed no sympathy for wood who was sentenced to death for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her father. next a look at tomorrow's world today coming up as artie's technology update stay with us. a friend of mine flew in from germany and he said that as he was leaving he looked in to do stand at the airport and on the front page of twelve german publications were basically titles like two tins missile destroys airplane alluding to the crash malaysian airplane that fell into the combat zone in eastern ukraine this isn't just some fluke that my friend saw all these newspapers together the entire mainstream media has made the same bold speculations i think this is interesting
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for two reasons one the way that the mainstream press jumped onto the story with exactly the same headlines and exactly the same angles really makes me want to start believing in conspiracy theories especially when an investigation had been conducted yet there wasn't any formal evidence yet but from fox to c.n.n. to medium sized german newspapers the speculation of who was at fault for the crash is identical and absolute and to the western media which feels justified to push for war with anyone who doesn't adopt western values have themselves completely forgotten just what those values are i thought in the glorious west everyone gets a fair trial with due process evidence and a conviction only after their guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt but when enemies of washington need to be demonized i guess all those principles just fly right out the door but that's just my opinion.
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the last thing is sad people especially believing in this world when they believe that you know that. tactic. they simply don't realize when propaganda is being put down we need to go by beyond that and actually gauge with the ideas of sleaze that is presented as well and confront that information things . that's something that as you mentioned before not everything is black and white not everything isn't taken istic and the more that we can be i guess. open minded khana source of information regardless of the source i think we're all going to be .


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